Kuwait Reels From Scandal

Two months after a state-imposed media blackout failed to quash public whisperings, Kuwaiti Amir, Shaikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al Sabah, last week used a televised speech to address allegations of major graft by senior officials and a coup plot targeting his rule.

While dismissing media reports as “unverified claims and traded accusations” he said that the matter has been sent to the public prosecutor. “I followed with deep concern and sorrow the allegations about certain events which, if proven true, constitute serious crimes that threaten the security of the country, its constitution and institutions and undermine the judiciary,” he said.

Shaikh Ahmad al-Fahad Al Sabah, also a royal family member, claims to have video evidence showing former prime minister Nasir Muhammad al-Ahmad Al Sabah (another royal family member) and former speaker of parliament and one of Kuwait’s wealthiest businessmen, Jasim al-Kharafi, plotting a coup against the Amir. (CONTINUED - 358 WORDS)