Qatar Petroleum (QP) is nearing completion of an $800mn project to save gas currently flared during LNG carrier loading at Ras Laffan port. The Jetty Boil-Off Gas Recovery (JBOG) project will recover the equivalent of 600,000 tons/year of LNG. “This utilization of the erstwhile flared gas,” says QP, “will result in a saving of approximately 1 tcf of gas over a period of 30 years.” This equates to 91mn cfd. (However 600,000 t/year of LNG equates to a somewhat lower figure: 79mn cfd.)

“JBOG is set to become a landmark project for Qatar, underlining its strong commitment to protecting the environment,” Energy Minister Muhammad al-Sada says. Qatar is not only the world’s leading LNG producer with 77mn t/y, it is also the world leader in CO2 emissions per capita, with 40.3 tons for 2010 according to World Bank data (this compares to 5-10 tons for western European countries and 17 tons for the US). (CONTINUED - 387 WORDS)