In spite of its nameplate 3.2bn cfd capacity, the Dolphin pipeline supplies average volumes of less than 2bn cfd to the UAE and Oman, and is only capable of slightly higher volumes due to compressor limitations. To boost effective pipeline capacity, the Dolphin Energy consortium last year began a $370mn project to increase the number of compressors from six to nine.

“By the end of this year Dolphin is going to have the ability to push a lot more gas…When and if and how that gas is going to come, I don’t know. For us it’s important to have the availability of the capacity, and then it’s going to be between the [various national] authorities to determine [actual volumes],” Maurizio la Noce, CEO of Abu Dhabi state firm Mubadala Petroleum told UAE daily The National. (CONTINUED - 878 WORDS)