Mees Interview: Former IEA Chief Nobuo Tanaka On Japan, Qatar And LNG Markets

Nobuo Tanaka, Global Associate for Energy Security and Sustainability at the Institute of Energy Economics, and former IEA Executive Director spoke to MEES after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Advancement of Producer-Consumer Dialogue at the 2014 Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah Energy Awards held in Doha on 8 April.

MEES: How do you see the nuclear power sector in Japan going forward and the role of LNG in the supply mix?

Tanaka: It’s a very important, difficult question. The speculation is that two reactors will restart probably by summer. The southern island, Kyushu, has two reactors that should meet the security requirements of the new regulatory commission.

This scrutinizing will be over fairly soon and then the governor, who is very receptive to these two nuclear plants returning, will probably allow these two to restart soon. That is, I hope so.

The others are still the problem – especially for Kansai Electric supplying the Osaka region. Their problem is they have a very high dependency on nuclear power, and this is the second largest economic area of Japan. (CONTINUED - 1387 WORDS)