Iraq’s cabinet has sanctioned independent power producer (IPP) projects with a combined capacity of 6GW, with tendering expected to start soon. Minister of Electricity Karim al-Jumaili told a recent MEED conference that Baghdad plans to tender for 21GW of new generating capacity by 2015, of which plans for 15GW are under consideration in addition to the 6GW now approved.

Iraq’s electricity generating capacity reached 12.89GW at end-2013 – 9.12GW federal and 3.77GW in Kurdistan – according to MEES estimates. Last year Baghdad announced an Integrated National Energy Strategy under which 40 new plants with 22GW combined capacity would be installed by 2016 (MEES, 21 June 2013). Much recent and current work involves installing 56 General Electric (7GW) and 18 Siemens (3.2GW) turbines bought in 2008 and put into storage (MEES, 26 October 2012). (CONTINUED - 269 WORDS)