Qatar announced this week it is sending three more carriers of free LNG to Egypt. This indicates that Doha is honoring its agreement made with the Doha-backed government of former president Muhammad Mursi, despite opposing its overthrow. The UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia support the new government, whereas Qatar is demanding the release of jailed Muslim Brotherhood leaders and has condemned the Egyptian security forces’ actions (see p11) – they are accused of the killing of more than 900 protestors since last month’s coup.

Qatar agreed in June to supply five free shipments, totaling 16bn cfd of gas. Egyptian state-run gas company EGAS expects them all to arrive by September. Egypt has suffered gas, power and diesel shortages since last year, driving up food costs and triggering long lines at filling stations and blackouts. The energy issues deepened discontent with the ousted Islamist government. It borrowed heavily, delayed payments to oil companies and slashed gas exports to supply the domestic power market. (CONTINUED - 343 WORDS)