The KRG is further advanced in its plans and has made a strategic choice to embrace the private sector. Baghdad, however, appears to be still wrestling to find an appropriate investment structure for its electricity sector and for its first CC project, Anbar’s 1,642mw plant awarded to Greece’s Metka on 27 June.

The 32-month $1.05bn Anbar project in western Iraq is the only federal Iraqi CC project included in the Electricity Ministry’s 2012-2015 plan (see table 2) and is a stand-alone plant. Baghdad then plans to add around 6gw of new CC capacity in two stages in 2015-2017 (see table 1). Details are sketchy – central government had been looking at attracting private sector investments as part of an Independent Power Producer (IPP) program, but no clear roadmap has as yet been laid out. (CONTINUED - 1703 WORDS)