On 23 October, Syrian rebels rocketed a gas pipeline supplying the Tishreen power station, resulting in what is being described as a significant blackout across sections of Syria. The attack occurred near the Damascus international airport, an area that has seen significant rebel infiltration and a subsequent pushback from regime forces over the past year. Syria’s Electricity Minister, ‘Imad Khamis, told the state news agency, SANA: “A terrorist attack on a gas pipeline that feeds a power station in the south has led to a power outage in the provinces and work to repair it is in progress.”

It is unclear exactly how widespread a power outage is being experienced in the war-torn country, though several major cities – including Damascus – are said to be without power. Mr Khamis said about 48 hours is needed to restore power to the affected areas. Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Sulaiman ‘Abbas, told SANA that the ministry is attempting to route alternative fuel to the station. (CONTINUED - 290 WORDS)