This saw the rial lose some 40% of its value (MEES, 28 September 2012). Mr Bahmani reportedly offered to resign on that day following a non-binding ruling by a Supreme Audit Court calling for his sacking and a report that parliament had voted to investigate the CBI’s response to the September crisis.

But the resignation was subsequently denied by the governor himself, who told Tasnim News Agency on 22 January that “because I prevented fraud carried out by some gentlemen, they created these stories to discredit me,” adding “after all one does pay a price for fighting corruption, and I am more than willing to pay the price. I officially deny any reports about my request for retirement or resignation.” The CBI has welcomed the investigation by parliament, and the governor was quoted by IRNA on 23 January as saying “in this situation we are standing in the vanguard with a sword in our hand, they are stabbing us in the back, and this is dishonest.” (CONTINUED - 383 WORDS)