Crude oil stopped flowing through the key Marib-Ras Issa pipeline on 11 November, after being blown up in two places in the Damashqa region of Wadi Abidah in Western Yemen (MEES, 16 November). Nearly three weeks on, the pipeline is still shut after having sustained further damage in two similar attacks on 21 and 27 November.

The 270-mile 110,000 b/d capacity pipeline carries Marib Light crude from the fields in the 43,000 b/d Block 18 license; the 15,000-20,000 b/d Block S2 license; and the 42,000 b/d Block 5 license, to the Ras Issa export terminal on the Red Sea. From there, the crude is shipped via tanker to both international markets, and the 150,000 b/d Aden refinery on the country’s southern coast. (CONTINUED - 711 WORDS)