Baghdad is working hard to implement an ambitious 2012-15 plan to install 20,000mw of new generating capacity. The Electricity Ministry will miss both its 2012 and 2013 capacity addition targets of 1,500mw and 7,500mw respectively….but not by much, MEES soundings indicate. Industry sources essentially back up ministry claims that the power sector is poised to make a quantum leap in electricity provision.

It is still not clear if Iraq will hit its goal of finally meeting electricity demand by end-2015, thereby saving its economy an estimated $40bn/year. But one thing is clear. Iraq’s power crisis, which saw crippling 16-22 hour/day outages for most of 2003-2011 – and this in up to 55 degree temperatures – is subsiding. Almost 1,400mw of new capacity has already been added this year, boosting supply (including imports) to around 8.7gw (although losses reduce effective supply to customers to just over 7gw). (CONTINUED - 842 WORDS)