US NGLs output surged to a record 6.832mn b/d for March, according to the EIA’s latest Petroleum Supply Monthly. This is up almost 200,000 b/d on February and some 62,000 b/d above the previous record of 6.770mn b/d set last October.

However, with crude output of 13.182mn b/d for March some 113,000 b/d below the record 13.295mn b/d hit last November, total liquids output, at 20.014mn b/d, remains just shy of last November’s all-time high of 20.060mn b/d. Provisional weekly crude output data have given production as 13.1mn b/d (to the nearest 100,000 b/d) for each of the past 13 weeks including, most recently, for the week to 31 May. (CONTINUED - 157 WORDS)