Saudi Arabia is progressing plans to develop four new gas-fired CCGT plants with combined capacity of 7.2GW at Qassim and Taiba. State offtaker SPPC signed PPAs with the Saudi Electricity Company and Acwa Power to develop the Qassim 1 and Taiba 1 plants, and with Al Jomiah Energy & Water, EDF and Buhur for the Qassim 2 and Taiba 2 plants in November (MEES, 3 November 2023). Each plant is to have 1.8GW capacity and SPPC said at the time that each “will contain the latest Class H/J Gas Turbines of the highest efficiency in Combined Cycle operation, for the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” The turbines will be provided by Germany’s Siemens Energy and US firm GE.

On 24 June, Siemens Energy confirmed that it has secured a $1.5bn deal to provide HL-class turbines at Taiba 2 and Qassim 2, alongside 25-year maintenance contracts. The plants will be connected to the grid in simple cycle mode in 2026 and begin permanently operating in combined cycle mode in 2027. (CONTINUED - 230 WORDS)