Egypt power plants generated a record 221.7TWh for 2023, a third year of increases and up 3% on 2022’s previous record according to latest official data. But the new record wasn’t enough to prevent blackouts which returned last year following shortages of the country’s key power fuel, natural gas, with Cairo in recent weeks preparing the public for more blackouts to come (MEES, 5 April).

Gas output slumped 11% to a six-year low 5.82bn cfd for 2023. And the decline continues, to just 5.22bn cfd for February (the latest data). For 2023 gas consumption averaged 5.98bn cfd and that used for power 3.40bn cfd, both up 1% year-on-year. Egypt’s ability to export LNG last year was mainly due to piped Israeli imported gas which came in at an average 830mn cfd, an annual record. (CONTINUED - 828 WORDS)