Libya’s state-owned Sirte Oil Company (SOC) on 9 April announced an “important discovery” of gas and condensate. The W1-6 well tested at 16.8mn cfd and 626 b/d of 49°API oil on a 48/64 choke from a “new geological formation” southeast of al-Lahib field on SOC’s concession area 6, the company said.

SOC, the second most important production subsidiary of Libya’s NOC after Agoco, produced 93,000 b/d of oil as well as substantial quantities of gas. Gas from the company’s Sirte Basin fields is piped to the port of Brega where it enters the country’s coastal gas network, potentially supplying power plants as far west as Tripoli (see map, MEES, 19 April & MEES, 12 May). (CONTINUED - 151 WORDS)