Abu Dhabi is now generating nearly 40% of its electricity from nuclear and renewable sources as it pivots away from gas-fired thermal power generation. The rapid transition of the ‘clean power’ share from less than 1% in 2018 comes despite power generation soaring by 8% last year amid robust economic activity and rising demand from previously off-grid industrial sites.

The heavy lifting has been done by the Barakah nuclear plant, with solar power also beginning to make significant headway in 2023. Once fully operational, Barakah will have capacity of 5.6GW, and the fourth and final 1.4GW unit was connected to the grid on 23 March. Unit 4 should be fully operational by year-end, and alongside full-year operations from Unit 3 will ensure that clean energy power generation increases sharply again this year. (CONTINUED - 1458 WORDS)