Qalaa Holdings, parent company of the Egyptian Refining Company (ERC), which operates a hydrocracker-based complex in Cairo, says in its latest results on 21 December that it has hiked production capacity by “6-7%” following a debottlenecking in Q3. This implies a rise in oil products output capacity (excluding petcoke) from 90,000 b/d to around 96,000 b/d.

Actual 9M 2023 output was 3.07mn tons of which 2.67mn tons (around 75,000 b/d) was liquids, with volumes hit by the 17-day Q3 turnaround. The remaining 400,000 tons was petcoke. 9M 2023 liquids output was 1.26mn tons of diesel, 521,000 tons of jet fuel, 364,000 tons of reformate (gasoline feedstock), 236,000 tons fuel oil, 185,000 tons light naphtha, and 97,000 tons LPG. (CONTINUED - 414 WORDS)