Abu Dhabi’s renewable power sector is building substantial momentum, with plans unveiled this month for a new 1.5GW solar PV plant. The planned Khazna solar PV plant brings the cumulative total of installed, under development and planned solar plants in Abu Dhabi to 6.3GW, as the emirate consolidates its position as one of the leading renewables players in the region.

Solar capacity in Abu Dhabi currently stands at a relatively modest 1.3GW. But, coupled with the startup of substantial nuclear power capacity, this has enabled the emirate to greatly reduce its gas-for-power requirements in recent years. State offtaker Ewec (which also operates in Fujairah) secured 24.5% of its power from nuclear and solar plants last year, up from less than 0.3% in 2018 (see chart), leading to gas requirements dropping to 11-year lows (MEES, 17 February). (CONTINUED - 632 WORDS)