Egyptian independent Cheiron announced on 22 August that output from its Geisum and Tawila West Concession in the Gulf of Suez has hit 23,000 b/d, up from just 4,000 b/d before the installation of an early production facility (EPF) at the GNN field earlier this year (MEES, 31 March).

The latest well, GNN-11, is the fourth to be tied back to the EPF, providing a 2,500 b/d output boost. GNN-11 “encountered 165 feet [51 meters] of good quality vertical net pay in the Pre-Miocene Nubia formation… the first time the Nubia has been found to be oil bearing in the GNN area of the Concession,” Cheiron says, noting that “the producing reservoir in the main GNN field is in the Nukhul formation.” (CONTINUED - 298 WORDS)