Algeria’s gas exports hit 4.38bcm (4.99bn cfd) for July, the second highest level this year despite a heatwave that has seen the country’s overwhelmingly gas-fueled power demand soar to record levels (MEES, 11 August). Pipeline exports to key market Italy dipped to 2.00bcm but those to number two market Spain, at 0.77bcm, were the highest this year.

Though Algeria’s gas exports are up 4% at 29.2bcm (4.86bn cfd) for the first seven months of 2023 as a whole, with Italy taking 14.7bcm (up 3%), sole marketer Sonatrach will have its work cut out if it is to make good on a pledge to boost deliveries to Italy from 2022’s 25.1bcm to 27bcm for 2023 and over 30bcm for 2024 (MEES, 15 April 2022). Eni says it expects to see an initial boost in volumes in Q4 this year (MEES, 21 April). (CONTINUED - 585 WORDS)