London listed, East Med focused Energean on 31 May announced that it was renaming its recently made ‘Olympus Area’ offshore Israel to Katlan, the Hebraic word for orca, or killer whale. The firm is making a conscious effort to appease Israeli sensitivities, having previously named its host of wells and prospects after figures from Greek mythology in a salute to the firm’s Greek roots.

By renaming the area Katlan, Energean CEO Mathias Rigas says the firm is “demonstrating our deep commitment to Israel,” although the Athena and Zeus discoveries within Block 12’s newly renamed area have retained their Greek names. This follows on from other gas fields being named after fierce animals that reside in water like Karish (shark) and Tanin (alligator) which Energean purchased from Israeli firm NewMed Energy which holds a majority 45.34% stake at the aptly-named 23tcf Leviathan (whale). (CONTINUED - 224 WORDS)