Five years ago, marketing any of the GCC states as a low-carbon business destination would have appeared preposterous, but now the UAE is doing exactly that. Seeking to shed its reputation as a poster child for energy inefficiency and waste, the UAE’s leadership is increasingly positioning itself as a leading destination for clean industry.

“For us in the UAE, we’re viewing this climate change debate as an opportunity. In fact, it’s one of the largest market opportunities,” Tariq al-Hashimi, Head of Technology Adoption and Development at the Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology told MEES on the sidelines of the UAE Climate Tech conference in Abu Dhabi on 10 May. “In our strategy, we are planning to lead in the green industries of the future,” he says, noting that “we have made it very clear that economic growth and decarbonization and climate action are not mutually exclusive, we can have both at the same time.” (CONTINUED - 1534 WORDS)