Libya’s crude oil output averaged 1.19mn b/d for Q1 2023, the second straight quarter of near-1.2mn b/d production, and higher than any annual figure since 2010’s 1.54mn b/d. Output continues to run at close to what is considered Libya’s effective capacity, with April to date seeing a continuation of crude and condensate exports of 1.0-1.1mn b/d in line with the previous eight months, figures from data intelligence firm Kpler show. Libya’s condensate output has been steady at just over 50,000 b/d, all of which is exported.

The remainder of Libya’s crude output is refined locally, mostly at the 120,000 b/d-capacity Zawiya refinery west of Tripoli, supplemented by small topping plants at Tobruk, Brega and Sarir. The country’s largest refinery, the 220,000 b/d-capacity Ras Lanuf plant, has been offline since 2013 due to a still-unresolved dispute between NOC and the plant’s Emirati owners (MEES, 4 March 2022). The country’s refined products output was 1.54mn tons (130,000 b/d) for Q1, according to freshly-released official stats from Libya’s NOC. (CONTINUED - 1381 WORDS)