Adnoc is in the middle of a transformative period as it chases ambitious upstream expansion targets. Plans to increase crude oil production capacity to 5mn b/d by 2027 garner considerable attention, but its ambition to achieve gas self sufficiency by 2030 is just as notable. Indeed, given that this entails chasing a moving target, with demand impacted by large-scale industrial expansion plans, Adnoc’s gas plans are highly dynamic.

One of the main players in the sector is Adnoc’s youngest subsidiary, Adnoc Gas, which is responsible for the emirate’s gas processing and LNG export facilities (MEES, 24 February). Acting CEO Ahmed Alebri says “Adnoc Gas is a vital component of the UAE’s energy system and is at the heart of the country’s goals of achieving gas self-sufficiency and becoming a gas net exporter.” (CONTINUED - 1242 WORDS)