Abu Dhabi state firm Mubadala Energy has announced the discovery of 6tcf of gas-in-place at its South Andaman Gross Split PSC in the Indian Ocean north of the Indonesian island of Sumatra (Mubadala Energy 80%, Harbour Energy 20%). The Layaran-1 well encountered a gas column with a thickness of over 230 meters in an Oligocene sandstone reservoir, and flowed more than 30mn cfd “of excellent gas quality.” Mubadala Energy has a strong position in East Asia, and was awarded the asset as part of the country’s 2018 licensing round (MEES, 1 March 2019).

Mubadala Energy CEO Mansoor Mohamed al-Hamed hails the “huge milestone for Indonesia’s and Southeast Asia’s energy security.” Consultancy Wood Mackenzie’s Andrew Harwood said that while the resource numbers are globally significant, “the road to commerciality remains difficult.” (CONTINUED - 184 WORDS)