While the near-term expansion of Israel’s aptly named 22tcf Leviathan gas field progresses, with capacity set to rise from 1.2bn cfd to 1.4bn cfd by mid-2025 according to 45.34% partner NewMed Energy, plans for further expansion to 2.1bn cfd appear to have hit a snag.

The initial 200mn cfd capacity hike will be completed once a third flowline connects the field to the platform (MEES, 7 July). Beyond that “all Leviathan partners are intending to proceed with the full FEED to the upstream side that will take us from 14 bcm [1.4bn cfd] to around 21 [2.1bn cfd] and more bcm, and that we intend to do very soon,” NewMed CEO Yossi Abu told investors during his firm’s 16 November Q3 earnings call. (CONTINUED - 601 WORDS)