Dubai’s Dewa has received four bids for consultancy work on the 900MW Phase 6 of its Mohammed bin Rashid (MBR) solar park. Capacity of the solar park currently stands at 1.627GW, with work ongoing on the partially-operational fourth and fifth phases, which will bring capacity up to 2.86GW. Dubai’s solar capacity is slated to reach 5GW by 2030 of which the first six phases will provide 3.76GW. Dewa’s IPO prospectus from last year forecast that solar capacity will hit this 3.76GW level in 2027.

Dubai’s electricity demand in the first half of 2022 jumped by 6.3% to a record 23.096TWh (MEES, 22 July), and peak demand increased 7% over the same period to 9.4GW. Dewa said in its first half results last month that “nearly 10% of this generation is from solar.” (CONTINUED - 128 WORDS)