Swedish independent Tethys has further lowered the 2022 output guidance for Blocks 3&4 in Oman to 34,240 b/d (10,271 b/d net to Tethys), down 9% from guidance given at the start of the year and a further 1,500 b/d mid-point cut from an initial downgrade in May when Tethys flagged up “unexpected and significant increases in water cut” (MEES, 13 May). The operator is Athens-based CCED (50%, Tethys 30%, Mitsui 20%).

Output was 33,560 b/d (10,066 b/d net) for Q2 but Tethys MD Magnus Nordin says he expects Q3 net output to fall below 10,000 b/d (33,333 b/d gross) due to maintenance and upgrades to the Saiwan processing facility. Latest figures show output at just 31,540 b/d for July. (CONTINUED - 257 WORDS)