Egypt’s Suez Canal Authority (SCA) announced on 22 March that laden crude tankers and oil products tankers will pay a 15% surcharge on transit fees to traverse the canal in either direction from 1 May. The SCA had already put a 5% surcharge on oil tankers from 1 March, though this was less than the 7% rise for LNG tankers and the 10% hike for bulk carriers (MEES, 4 March).

Fees for ballast oil crude and oil products tankers would retain their 5% surcharge while LPG and other liquid bulk tankers would see their fees raised to 20% above regular transit fees, from 10% previously. The surcharge on laden and ballast dry bulk vessels would also see a hike from 5% to 10% while other vessels’ fees would rise from 7% previously to 14% above regular transit tolls the SCA added. (CONTINUED - 325 WORDS)