Abu Dhabi announced on 8 October that the third 1.4GW unit of the Barakah nuclear plant has been successfully connected to the grid. Power levels will gradually be increased in the coming months, and once unit 3 is fully operational, Barakah will have capacity to generate 4.2GW. Work is under way to bring the final fourth unit online and by the end of 2024 the nuclear plant should be at full 5.6GW capacity.

Barakah has transformed Abu Dhabi’s power sector and last year’s 10.1TWh generation was equivalent to 10.8% of total 92.57TWh generation. Unit 2 was connected to the grid in September 2021 and so had only a minimal impact last year. For 2022, nuclear should provide in excess of 15% of Abu Dhabi’s electricity. (CONTINUED - 166 WORDS)