Top global crude importer China took a record 976,000 b/d from Kuwait for July, more than 200,000 b/d above the previous record high of 757,000 b/d set last June. Average volumes of 628,000 b/d for 7M 2021 are up 18% year on year and on track to smash the annual record of 546,000 b/d set last year (MEES, 22 January).

This comes as Kuwait has opened out its crude export slate beyond its stalwart medium-sour (31°API, 2.5%S) Kuwait Export Blend. Late 2018 saw the launch of 48°API Kuwait Super Light (MEES, 7 September 2018), whilst recent months have seen the first test cargoes of 15°API Kuwait Heavy. (CONTINUED - 505 WORDS)