Egypt’s refinery output of both gasoline and diesel rose to multi-year highs for May, according to the latest Jodi stats. Gasoline output rose 45% month on month to an 11-year high 119,000 b/d for May while diesel output saw an 17% month-on-month increase to a near 10-year high 178,000 b/d. This helped lift overall refinery output for May to 609,000 b/d, the highest level since January but still significantly down on Q1 2020’s ‘pre-Covid’ average of 646,000 b/d.

Egypt’s refinery capacity was boosted in the second half of 2019 following the start-up of the 81,500 b/d ERC hydrocracker on the outskirts of Cairo, which ramped-up last year, enabling Egypt to record a surplus of oil products for the first time in decades (MEES, 26 February). (CONTINUED - 185 WORDS)