The Middle East’s share of Korea’s crude imports fell to a new record low of 57.0% for April, down again on March’s previous record (MEES, 16 April). The share from Opec countries also fell to a record low of 53.7%. In absolute terms April’s imports of 2.75mn were up 450,000 b/d on March but still down on typical ‘pre-Covid’ levels of near-3mn b/d.

Average 4M 2021 volumes are down 10% year-on-year. Top supplier Saudi Arabia is down 6.2% at 749,000 b/d for 4M 2021 (782,000 b/d for April); number two Kuwait is down 30% at 284,000 b/d (April 297,000 b/d), with the USA at number three (April 282,000 b/d). (CONTINUED - 151 WORDS)