Saudi Arabia is now more visibly capitalizing on the completion of the 2.5bn cfd Fadhili gas processing plant, which reached full capacity last year (MEES, 19 June 2020). Oil burn volumes fell to a four-year low in early-2021 as additional gas output displaced less-efficient liquids from water desalination and power generation plants.

Last year’s ramp up of Fadhili, which processes non-associated gas from the offshore Hasbah and onshore Khursaniyah fields, enabled Saudi Aramco to boost full-year sales gas production to more than 9bn cfd for the first time (MEES, 26 March). This came despite deep Opec+ cuts to crude oil output which also severely curbed production of associated gas – an issue that should be slightly less impactful during this summer’s peak demand season as cuts are eased. (CONTINUED - 857 WORDS)