Updated end-2020 reserves figures for Israel’s giant Leviathan field show that the field’s proved and probable (2P/2C) condensate reserves have been revised upwards by 8.7mn barrels (21.1%) to stand at 49.9mn barrels as of end-2020. Adding in the 0.61mn barrels (1,700 b/d) of 2020 production, the implied geological revision is 22.6% to give an original best-estimate recoverable resource of 50.5mn barrels, up from the 41.2mn barrels end-2019 figure (see table).

For the field’s core gas reserves, the figures released on 10 March by lead Leviathan shareholder Delek Drilling show the best estimate (2P/2C) total recoverable resource effectively unchanged at 22.93tcf: the 0.26tcf downwards revision to 22.67tcf as of end-2020 exactly matches last year’s gross output of 7.25bcm or 700mn cfd (MEES, 19 February). (CONTINUED - 411 WORDS)