US major ExxonMobil on 21 December began drilling an eagerly-anticipated appraisal well on its February 2019 Glaucus discovery on Cyprus’ deepwater Block 10. Glaucus-2 is being drilled in 2,195ms water depth versus 2,063ms for Glaucus-1, which reached a total depth of 4,200ms below sea level, 150km from the southwest coast of Cyprus (see map, MEES, 24 December).

ExxonMobil (60%) and partner QatarEnergy (40%) doubled their Cypriot acreage earlier this month when they were awarded the adjacent Block 5 (see map, MEES, 17 December). The firms are thought to be targeting a carbonite play analogous to Egypt’s giant 21.5tcf Zohr field. According to a MEES source, Exxon sees a Zohr-like play extending through Block 10 and into Block 5. (CONTINUED - 307 WORDS)