Kuwait has extended the deadline for bids for key Jurassic gas production facilities from 11 August to 13 September according to the Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT). The two Jurassic Production Facilities (JPF4 and JPF5) will have the capacity to handle 160mn cfd of non-associated gas and 50,000 bd of light oil from sour reserves in northern Kuwait (MEES, 30 August 2019).

The two facilities will mark the next phase of development of Kuwait’s tricky Jurassic reserves. Three early production facilities (EPF) with 104mn cfd gas, 40,000 b/d condensate capacity were brought online last year. Kuwait’s non-associated gas capacity currently stands at 500mn cfd and it plans to increase this to 1.1bn cfd by 2023. (CONTINUED - 136 WORDS)