Global number three LNG importer South Korea saw imports of the supercooled fuel fall 10% to 6.82mn tons for 1H 2020 mirroring the country’s 9% fall in crude import volumes (MEES, 17 July).

Qatar with 4.75mn tons remained top supplier. But the key Gulf producer’s 22.4% market share was a nine-year low, with Australia on 4.23mn tons for 1H20 (up 32%) further closing a gap it already narrowed for 2019 (MEES, 17 January). Indeed, Australia was top supplier ahead of Qatar for both May and June (see data, MEES, 17 July). The US, up 38% at 3.12mn tons for 1H 2020 is now a clear number three. (CONTINUED - 217 WORDS)