Algeria’s gas exports fell 30% year-on-year to just 10.4bcm (3.04bn cfd) for the first four months of 2020. This comes on the back of a precipitous 18% fall to a 24-year low of 40.8bcm for 2019. This year’s volumes are on pace to fall below 1995’s 37.4bcm and possibly 1994’s 31.6bcm (see charts).

Algeria’s two key gas export markets Italy and Spain are linked to Algeria by direct pipelines (MEES, 5 June). Together the two took 61% of Algeria’s 2019 gas exports, Spain 12.8bcm and Italy 12.2bcm. But this was already way down on previous years. At just 26.3bcm, Algeria’s 2019 piped gas exports were the lowest since 1997. (CONTINUED - 1527 WORDS)