Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are resuming exports from the Partitioned Neutral Zone (PNZ) for the first time since 2015. Some 2mn barrels from the offshore Khafji field were being readied for export as MEES went to press.

Kuwait confirms that the ‘Dar Salwa’ VLCC of Kuwait Oil Tankers Co (KOTC) will load 1mn barrels from Khafji over the weekend 4-5 April. Meanwhile, the ‘Monte Toledo’ Suezmax arrived offshore Khafji on 1 April and can load up to 1mn barrels. Evidently the Monte Toledo will be loading Saudi Arabia’s 50% share of output. Khafji resumed production in February for the first time since 2014 (MEES, 28 February) and volumes will be heading to Asia. (CONTINUED - 109 WORDS)