Egyptian state petchems firm Echem says its priorities for the 2020-21 financial year (from July 2020) are a $6.7bn refinery and petrochemicals a complex at Suez for which Bechtel signed up for a study (MEES, 14 February) and a $400mn polyoxymethylene (POM) project at Damietta.

The POM project would use methanol feedstock from the 1.26mn t/y EMethanex plant at Damietta on the Mediterranean coast (MEES, 20 December 2019). The EMethanex plant in turn relies on feedstock from Egypt’s offshore gas fields where output is at record levels – Eni says this will also enable the near term restart of exports from the mothballed Damietta LNG plant. (CONTINUED - 159 WORDS)