Kuwait’s is nearing completion of its long-delayed 615,000 b/d Al-Zour refinery, located in the south of the country. The project is being developed by state-firm Kipic, which is also developing 22mn t/y capacity LNG import facilities at Al-Zour, and authorities are looking at a 1Q 2021 startup (MEES, 25 September).

Along with the nearly-complete Clean Fuels Project (CFP) upgrades at Kuwait’s two existing refineries - Mina Abdullah (MAB) and Mina al-Ahmadi (MAA) – this will bring total refining capacity to 1.4mn b/d. State refinery KNPC’s 2019-20 annual report reaffirms plans to increase capacity to 1.6mn b/d by 2025, down from an initial 1.7mn b/d target (MEES, 30 November 2018). The report makes no mention of plans to reach 2mn b/d by 2035. (CONTINUED - 123 WORDS)