UAE nuclear developer Enec claimed on 28 January that the 1.4GW Unit 1 of its four-reactor nuclear plant at Barakah is ready for startup, although it has yet to receive the official green light from state regulator FANR. Enec said that a team from London-based World Association of Nuclear Operators (Wano) has conducted a pre-startup review in line with an industry standard set by Wano, of which it is a member. Enec chief executive Mohamed al-Hammadi says the successful completion of the review “provides international recognition that our plant, people and processes meet international startup standards.”

The announcement appears to be a public nudge for FANR to complete its deliberations over awarding an operating license for Barakah-1, whose start-up was being delayed by three years because of a faked nuclear safety certificates scandal in Korea, whose Kepco is provider of the reactors. FANR head Christer Viktorsson says FANR is looking to award the operating license in 1Q20, enabling Enec to load fuel rods for reactor testing and commissioning (MEES, 29 November 2019). (CONTINUED - 168 WORDS)