Algeria’s gas exports to Italy leapt to 1.15bcm (1.31bn cfd) in December, the highest level since February 2019 and up 73% on November’s puny 0.65bcm. But December was still way down on the 1.65bcm year-ago figure with 2019’s annual total of 10.20bcm (0.99mn cfd) down 40% on 2018’s 17.1bcm and the lowest figure since 2015.

Italy vies with Spain as Algeria’s top gas export market. The latest Spanish data also show a rebound in Algeria volumes, with Spain taking 1.30bcm in October 2019, the highest since January. However, the 9.60bcm total for the first 10 months of 2019 is still down 36% year-on-year. (CONTINUED - 153 WORDS)