Oman crude and condensate output averaged 971,000 b/d over 2019, a touch above its Opec+ commitment of 970,000 b/d. Official output figures have been remarkably stable over the course of 2019. December was one of five months when reported output was 970,000 b/d, the lowest level reported. Meanwhile, the highest recorded production was in September when Oman opened the taps and allowed production to jump a whopping 3,000 b/d to 973,000 b/d.

Despite output dipping from 978,000 b/d in 2018, overall exports jumped nearly 60,000 b/d to a near-three year high of 850,000 b/d. Reported output of gasoline, jet-kero and diesel has stayed relatively flat. But given that Oman has upgraded its Sohar refinery to process fuel oil from the older Mina al-Fahal refinery, it is conceivable that refinery runs were cut, while higher-valuable products’ output stayed stable (MEES, 25 January 2019). (CONTINUED - 137 WORDS)