As Yemen’s ongoing conflict continues unabated, the war-torn country continues to export modest volumes of crude, with 38,000 b/d exported in Q2 this year. Of this, Yemen’s most frequent buyer China took 34,000 b/d (see chart) – 67,000 b/d in June to be precise. Austria also imported one cargo through Italy’s Trieste port which was payment to OMV, operator of Block S2 in central Yemen (MEES, 21 June).

Yemen’s crude sector is in something of a state of flux at present. State firm PetroMasila has succeeded in producing and exporting volumes from eastern Yemen’s Masila basin since 2016, and OMV has managed to re-enter the country, producing around 10,000 b/d from the central Shabwa basin (MEES, 3 August 2018). Indonesia’s Medco Enerji also recently announced plans to return (MEES, 17 May). (CONTINUED - 303 WORDS)