Egyptian state power utility EEHC has overseen a 73% hike in installed powergen capacity over the five years to June 2019 (the end of the Egyptian financial year), from 32.0GW in June 2014 to 56.3GW currently. Central to the surge have been three giant combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) projects taking EEHC’s total CCGT capacity to just over 30GW (see chart).

Egypt’s CCGT capacity alone is now almost enough to meet peak load, which hit a record 30.8GW in August 2018. The Ministry of Electricity expects this year’s peak to be lower at around 30.4GW, indeed the 30.3GW recorded on 8 August may prove to have been the high water mark. However, even if peak load reaches a new high, EEHC’s capacity cushion is comfortable (see chart). (CONTINUED - 821 WORDS)