Aramco and US services firm BHGE have signed an MoU to build a JV facility in Saudi Arabia to manufacture “non-metallic materials” beginning with reinforced thermoplastic pipes. Aramco says it has deployed over 5,000km of non-metallic piping – normally made from plastics, carbon fiber and glass fiber – with typical applications including infield flow lines and downhole production tubing.

While Aramco’s current petchems JVs produce a range of chemicals including polyurethane components and commodity plastics, its planned purchase of 70% of Sabic will give it access to a range of thermoplastic resins manufactured in the US and Europe (MEES, 18 January 2019). Aramco announced in October 2018 that it is targeting non-metallic materials applications in the oil and gas, automotive, construction, packaging and renewable sectors. (CONTINUED - 120 WORDS)