Gulf Refiners Push 2.7Mn B/D Crude Processing Hike By End-2025

New Gulf refineries and expansion projects plus a crude-to-chemicals project will complement crude exports as future revenue streams.

Gulf states are increasingly focused on maximizing revenue from each barrel of oil produced as NOCs build up their trading and marketing capabilities ( MEES, 24 May ) and expand their downstream footprints.

Crude processing capacity in the Gulf currently stands at 7.37mn b/d and a swathe of projects are designed to boost this by 37% to more than 10mn b/d by the end of 2025.

This year’s key project is the 400,000 b/d Jazan refinery in southwest Saudi Arabia which will lift the kingdom’s refining capacity to 3.3mn b/d. The refinery was originally due online in 2017 ( MEES, 28 February 2014 ) and its planned late-2019 start up may yet slip into 2020 ( MEES, 22 February ). However, the project looks more likely to come online this year with Iraq’s planned repair of the 70,000 b/d Salahuddin-1 unit at the Baiji refinery. (CONTINUED - 946 WORDS)


table Gulf CDU Additions To 2025 ('000b/D)