Syria: Oil Shortages Bring Production Woes To Light

After at least four months without a cargo of Iranian crude ( MEES, 3 May ), Syria received a desperate lifeline in May when four Iranian tankers arrived with crude to be refined at the 125,000 b/d Banias refinery on the Mediterranean, according to state-owned daily Al-Watan.

But relief to Syria’s oil products shortage looks short-lived. The US crackdown on Iranian crude exports is making shipments to Syria increasingly difficult, and with Iran’s oil credit line reportedly expired, Damascus is scrambling for alternatives.

The Syrian government buys modest crude volumes from Kurdish-controlled eastern Syria ( MEES, 19 October 2018 ). Damascus this week signed a deal to ‘import’ 5,000 b/d from Kurdish-controlled Tanak field at $41/B, according to Turkey’s state Anadolu news agency. Syrian media also reported earlier this month that ‘liberated’ fields around Deir al-Zour are producing 4,600 b/d. (CONTINUED - 278 WORDS)